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About Us

Our Core Values


  • We believe that homeless families with children do not belong in shelters.
  • We provide emergency and transitional housing to homeless families with children.
  • We provide supportive case management based on each family’s unique situation.
  • We focus on realistic outcomes.
  • We believe each family must contribute to their own success.

Family HomeStead (originally Denver Emergency Housing Coalition) began in 1978 as a coalition of service providers responding to the destruction of short-term low-cost housing for homeless families resulting from extensive urban renewal. We changed our name to Family HomeStead in 1993. Beginning with 10 apartments leased from the Denver Housing Authority, we were the first organization in Metro Denver to offer independent housing to homeless families. Our original Emergency Housing Program had a maximum stay of 45 days. Realizing that such a short time period was not sufficient for many families to get back on their feet, we began our longer-term Transitional Housing Program in 1983. Family homelessness is increasing today and our services have expanded to meet the need. We currently place families in 31 emergency and 58 transitional units located in Denver and Jefferson County. We provide individualized case management for each family.

In 2012, Family HomeStead served 786 individuals in 224 families. We provided 26,026 days of family housing at a cost per day – including housing, social services and administration – less than the fair market rent established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Fifty-five percent of client families are single-parent, female-headed households. Eighty-two percent are racial and ethnic minorities. Sixty-one percent of our clients are dependent children. During 2012, 83 percent of families completing our program had housing, 94 percent had income, and 89 percent completed their case plan.


child_tableFamily HomeStead was the first agency in Denver to develop a transitional housing program, the first to implement a continuum of housing and social services and the first to utilize Section 8 housing for homeless families. Today we remain the only agency in Denver that exists to provide emergency and transitional housing in individual living units, along with supportive case management, exclusively to families with children.

Family HomeStead is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Denver, Colorado.

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