If you would like to save time by not shopping for school supplies you are welcome to purchase school supply bundles on Amazon.

Please note the following items are REQUIRED for each child you would like to shop for:

2 new school outfits (two pants and two shirts) Underwear

Shoes School Supplies

Socks Backpack


The lists below are SUGGESTIONS based on lists from local schools. You can often find lists posted in Target or Walmart. Not everything on the list must be purchased.


1st grade

2nd grade


1       Spiral notebook (1st and 2nd Grade Only)

1       Pencil Box (1st and 2nd Grade Only)

2       Boxes of 24 crayons

24     #2 Pencils

1       Box of thick washable markers

1       Box of colored pencils

1       Pair of scissors

8       Large pink erasers

10     Glue Sticks

3       Boxes of Kleenex

2       Tubs of Clorox wipes

1       Backpack with name on it (no rollers)

3rd grade



1    Wide-ruled loose-leaf paper (4th and 5th Grade only)

50   #2 pencils

1    Box of colored pencils

1    Pack of highlighters (different colors)

1    Pencil sharpener (3rd & 5th grade only)

1    Zippered pencil bag, (no pencil box, 5th grade only)

5    Big pencil erasers

3    Packages of sticky notes (3 colors)

4    Glue sticks (3rd grade only)

1    Family size box of Kleenex

1    Backpack with name on it (no rollers)

additional items for middle school and high school

See the basics in 3rd through 5th grade list PLUS:

2 Three-ring ring binders

Notebook paper – wide (middle school) and college ruled (high school)

4-6 Spiral notebooks – wide (middle school and college ruled (high school) 

Section dividers for notebooks

3-5 black and white composition books

Graph paper

Package of pens -- blue or black

Supply bag

Colored markers – narrow tip

Glue sticks or bottles

Dictionaries; English-Spanish dictionaries are also helpful.

1 Backpack – very important

Frequently asked questions

  1. Are the drop-off dates firm?

    • Yes, all items must be dropped off at one of the offices during the dates and times indicated. If you need to drop off BEFORE your specified time, arrangements can be made by contacting, Shalene Onyango at: shalene@familyhomestead.org

  2. Do I have to adhere to the spending guidelines?

    • Yes, we ask each donor to firmly adhere to the spending guidelines. Families live in community and will discuss gifts they receive with one another, especially the kiddos. It is unfair if one family receives significantly more than another.

  3. Is buying the school supplies inclusive of the $100 or $150 spending guidelines?

    • No, it is not. The $125 or $150 is for clothing, shoes, underwear and socks for each child. Most donors spend an additional $25-$50 on school supplies and backpacks.

  4. Do I have sponsor a whole family or can I choose to support 1 or 2 children?

    • No, you don't have to support a whole family. Family HomeStead welcomes your participation at whatever level works for you. If spending $125 or $150 is above your budget, we also welcome monetary donations to help supplement the cost of the project and buy items for families who enter the program right before school starts.

  5. When will I find out the specific information about my family? What information will I receive?

    • Family HomeStead will begin assigning families in early July. However, we will not receive all of the information about each family all at once. As we receive the families' forms, we will assign you as quickly as possible.

    • You will receive the following information about your family:

      • First initial of first name

      • Ages

      • Gender

      • Sizes (shirt, shoe, pants, etc.)

      • Style/color preferences

    • You may not be able to purchase everything within the spending guidelines but shopping at stores like Target, KMart, Kohl's etc. can help make your dollars go further.

  6. Should I wrap my items?

    • Please do not wrap the items. We want parents to feel empowered and involved in our Back to School project which means allowing them to see and approve the items. Please put items for each child in a plastic garbage bag with their first initial, age and gender clearly marked on the outside.

  7. Can I include religious items?

    • Please do not include anything religious, including clothing with religious messaging.

  8. Can I provide gift cards?

    • Unfortunately, Family HomeStead cannot accept gift cards.