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Frequently asked questions

  1. Are the drop-off dates firm?

    • Yes, all items must be dropped off at one of the offices during the dates and times indicated. If you need to drop off BEFORE your specified time, arrangements can be made by contacting, Shalene Onyango at: shalene@familyhomestead.org

  2. Do I have to adhere to the spending guidelines?

    • Yes, we ask each donor to firmly adhere to the spending guidelines. Families live in community and will discuss gifts they receive with one another, especially the kiddos. It is unfair if one family receives significantly more than another.

  3. Is buying the tree, gift wrap, and $10 for each person for a meal inclusive of the spending guidelines?

    • No, it does not have to be but we ask each donor to try to purchase everything for the family (including the items mentioned above) within the spending limit for the family. You may purchase the tree, gift wrap, etc. outside of the limit but ask it is within reason.

  4. When will I find out the specific information about my family? What information will I receive?

    • Family HomeStead will begin assigning families in the last week of October and first week of November. However, we will not receive all of the information about each family all at once. As we receive the families' forms, we will assign you as quickly as possible.

    • You will receive the following information about your family:

      • Names

      • Ages

      • Sizes (shirt, shoe, pants, etc.)

      • What they are in NEED of: clothing, winter jackets, shoes

      • 3 gifts they are asking for

    • You may not be able to purchase everything within the spending guidelines.

  5. Should I wrap my gifts?

    • Please do not wrap the children's gifts. We want parents to feel empowered and involved in our Holiday Project which means allowing them to wrap the gifts for their children. Please do wrap the gifts for the parents.

  6. Can I include religious items?

    • Please do not include anything religious, including bibles or tracks.

  7. Can I purchase stockings for the family?

    • Yes! You can definitely purchase stockings for them while staying within the spending guidelines.

  8. Can I provide gift cards?

    • Unfortunately, Family HomeStead cannot accept gift cards. Gift cards will be purchased for each family supplement the cost of a Holiday meal.

here are some ideas of gifts you can purchase

CHILDREN – Please, no very large items

 Books – a high priority

Board games


Trucks and cars

Dolls and stuffed animals

Baby learning toys

Kitchen play items


Books; paperback dictionaries; Spanish-English dictionaries

Mini iPods or MP3 players are great

DVD players – with extra batteries if battery-powered

Small radios – with extra batteries if battery-powered


Footballs, soccer balls, basketballs


Household items – a high priority: pots and pans, flatware, plastic dishes, plastic glassware,

Sheets, towels, blankets.  Please do not purchase large electric appliances like microwaves, bread makers, pasta makers, etc. 

Cologne and after-shave

Manicure sets


Hats and gloves; socks


Movie tickets, restaurant or fast food gift cards, tickets to various cultural events – would be a great gift and give clients something to do as a family that they would not otherwise be able to afford.