What we do

With help of our experienced social work staff, Family HomeStead helps homeless families with children achieve the following three objectives: 

  • Move to next step housing
  • Have income to support next step housing
  • Effectively address the underlying causes that led to their homelessness as identified in their case plan

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emergency Housing

Emergency housing is available for all homeless families with children. The emergency housing services include intensive case management support, RENT FREE independent unit housing for 30-90 days. 

Social work staff support families to secure an income stream, enroll their children in school, families in health services and stabilize their lives while moving into next step housing.

transitional housing

Our six-month transitional housing program gives priority to client families leaving our Emergency Housing program, safehouses and shelters. 

Client families in our transitional housing program are generally more stable than the families in Emergency Housing. They have an income stream and are able to pay a minimal amount of rent between $175-$300 a month. 

Our social work staff work with client families over six months to ensure they will have income sufficient to support next step housing and work on education about healthy landlord/tenant relationships. Client families work on repairing credit and terminating involvement with the court system. 

Our goal at Family HomeStead is to ensure each family is able to move through their specific crisis of homelessness and return to a level of functioning that is optimal for them.