The Colorado Center on Law and Policy has calculated the self-sufficiency* wage for one adult, one preschooler and one school-age child (a fairly typical composition of a Family HomeStead client family) is $57,409.

*The Colorado Center on Law and Policy defines self-sufficiency as a family's ability to support themselves solely on their earned income.



Research shows that homeless children are confronted with health problems, hunger and poor nutrition, developmental delays, psychological problems and educational underachievement significantly more often than housed children. Homeless children experience chronic stress and trauma from frequent moves; inconsistent relationships; lack of places to play; witnessing domestic violence; and being surrounded by substance abuse.  They are four times more likely to have developmental delays, twice as likely to have learning disabilities, three times as likely to have emotional and behavior problems, and eight times more likely to be asked to repeat a grade. Homeless children are twice as likely to suffer from upper respiratory infections, minor skin ailments, chronic physical disorders, and gastrointestinal disorders. Infestation ailments occur more than 35 times as often for homeless children.

 Homeless families with children are the largest growing demographic among homeless people. The Metropolitan Denver Homeless Initiative’s (MDHI) January 26, 2015 Point-In-Time study of the homeless population counted an estimated 6,130 persons who were homeless in our community on the day the count was conducted.  Families with children comprise the largest segment of the homeless population, representing 47.8%. Nearly one quarter (1,500 or 24.5%) of the total homeless population were considered newly (first episode of homelessness and homeless for less than one year) homeless.  Of the newly homeless, 52.6% were living in homelessness with their children.